Hints and Tips Using Memory Wire for Making Jewellery

Memory wire jewellery is easy peasy but the initial stages of working with the wire can be a bit tricky, it feels like it has a life of its own - here are a few hints...NEVER, NEVER CUT MEMORY WIRE WITH YOUR NORMAL CUTTERS - USE HEAVY DUTY DEDICATED CUTTERS, AND PROTECT YOUR EYES WHEN CUTTING THIS WIRE. THIS WIRE AND THE CUTTERS ARE NOT TOYS: THIS PRODUCT IS UNSUITABLE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN.
Determine the length of your necklace or calculate how many coils your bracelet will consist of, then turn a loop at one end of the wire with your round nose pliers - this can take some strength and is not something children should be allowed to do on their own - bring the loop right over to ensure as close a fit to the rest of the wire as possible.
Shaping the loop to ensure a close fit.

You can see that I have then gone over to the other side and put a bit of a 'kick' in it with my round nose pliers which just straightens and neatens the end appearance a little.

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