• 10 Lapis 6mm Puffed Heart Beads

10 Lapis Lazuli 6mm puffed heart beads deepest blue colour lapis was once used as a component in artists paint and was hugely expensive happily these are more affordable today hole top to bottom of the beads.

Prized for its intense blue colouring (the deeper the better), it often comes from Afghanistan. For centuries powdered lapis was used as an ingredient in paint to create a very special blue, but the pigment now used in paint is man made as Lapis is far too expensive a component for such an application these days. Its name derives from medieval Latin and means 'blue stone'. It is said to promote friendship and goodwill and to guard the wearer against evil. It is one of the birthstones for December (along with Turquoise) and symbolises Prosperity.

LZ-29, 10 Lapis 6mm Puffed Heart Beads

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