Satin Jewellery Roll with Silk Embroidery in Rose Peach - hand embroidered jewellery roll which is great for presenting a special piece of jewellery, as a gift in itself, for jewellery storage or for travelling - it has a zip at the top so the entire inside can be used for storage, and then in the middle it has two more flaps and a buttoned down padded centre 'strut' for attaching your jewellery to. Close the jewellery roll and secure with the satin cord and wrap the cord round the fabric toggle. Closed roll measures approx. 7 x 3 inches / 18 x 8 cm, open roll measures approx. 9 x 7 inches / 22 x 18cm. The embroidery colours are random, and extend front and back. 

SU-323, 1 Rose Satin Jewellery Roll with Silk Embroidery

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