• 1 Short Large Eye Needle

1 Large Eye Needle this needle is rather like two needles glued together and instead of a little hole at the back of the needle this has a large split hole in the middle so all you do is bend the needle gently and thread your thread or ribbon through this is useful for things that will not go through a normal sized hole in a needle for instance ribbon. I have experimented with this needle and some ribbon will go through and other pieces will not it depends on the hole size in the bead and the size of ribbon and you need to gauge this gently against the materials you are using and try it out rather than forcing it through I have found I can get relatively thin or non-bulky threads through but speciality threads such as knobbled wools etc just strip before you can get them through the bead which is basically the case with any needle and small holed bead you would have more success with larger holed beads in this case this is a helpful tool which is useful for some applications but will need some patience trial and error to get the stringing medium and needle through the bead together I went through a couple of these needles trying to force them through and basically you can't do that our ribbon on the site wont go through so you do need something thinner but I have produced some nice necklaces and bracelets with a very delicate effect once I got the hang of using these. 55mm long.

SU-365, 1 Short Large Eye Needle

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