1 Pair 12.5cm (5") nylon tipped flat pliers, forged Stainless Steel box jointed with spring opening jaws.
Use to prevent marking or indentations of your project, especially of soft wire (e.g., our 'dead soft' sterling silver). 
Also useful for straightening wire by pulling though the closed jaws. 
Will also work harden soft wire by pulling through at an angle several times; the nylon jaws are replaceable. Suitable for jewellery use (light duty).

"Perfect tool for preparing your sterling or gold-fiilled wire before working - a lot of wire kinks slightly when it it is packed - simply reel a length of your wire out then run these pliers along it a couple of times to straighten, neaten and slightly harden. Clean the wire with a jewellery cloth before working to make your polishing job at the end of producing your jewellery easier".

SU-518, Pair Nylon Tipped Flat Nosed Pliers 125mm

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