Swarovski Crystal Selection Pack 50 pieces of Swarovski Crystal in a rainbow of shapes and shades for those who like a bit of everything for their projects. Packs will have 50 pieces of Swarovski Crystal in them each pack will vary but all will be beautiful.

Swarovski is synonymous with crystal, jewellery, ornaments and of course components. Since 1895, when the company’s founder, Daniel Swarovski pioneered his machine-cut crystal jewellery stones, Swarovski has continually pushed boundaries of innovation and crystal creativity. Today, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, unrivalled in quality, precision and consistency and known worldwide for its exceptional brilliance and irresistible range of colours and textures, is the ultimate luxury ingredient in fashion, jewellery, objects and lifestyle accessories.

Swarovski Elements crystal is highest quality crystal made available. Brilliant colours and/ or coatings are added to these crystals to create pendants, stones, and beads of dazzling beauty and variety.

SWA-59, 1 Swarovski Crystal Beads Selection Pack

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