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About Swarovski
Swarovski is synonymous with crystal, jewellery, ornaments and of course components. Since 1895, when the company’s founder, Daniel Swarovski pioneered his machine-cut crystal jewellery stones, Swarovski has continually pushed boundaries of innovation and crystal creativity. Today, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, unrivalled in quality, precision and consistency and known worldwide for its exceptional brilliance and irresistible range of colours and textures, is the ultimate luxury ingredient in fashion, jewellery, objects and lifestyle accessories.

Now, through the CREATE YOUR STYLE initiative, the crystal elements that provide a continual source of inspiration and innovation to leading professionals, designers, jewellers and artisans around the globe are available to customers everywhere, bringing a touch of couture luxury to creations.

Today there are many imitators, including those produced in the Czech republic and China, but only Swarovski offer the range, colour consistency and overall quality.

Trademark & Branding

Customers are advised to use care when using the Swarovski trademark in describing their finished jewellery; Swarovski's guidlines are exhaustive, however in summary it is permitted to use the text below in a descriptive manner; the text must be capitalised, with the font no larger or dominant than other text.
Any description suggesting that an item has been made by, or authorised by Swarovski is not allowed so it is important to make clear that you are the maker, using Swarovski elements (as below).


eg Sterling silver and crystal necklace MADE WITH SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS

Swarovski may take legal action if they consider there has been brand misuse.


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