• 10 Goldtone/ Black Mobile Phone Charm Cords
10 Goldtone/Black Mobile Phone Charm Cords these are great to make as small gifts for friends or family who doesnt have a mobile phone these days? Most mobiles have a little hole somewhere in their bodywork where one of these black strings can be threaded through and brought over to form a loop (see detail photo) consider using this also for cameras MP3 players etc. just use your imagination whatever has a little hole in the bodywork. At the end of the string is a small jump ring to which you can attach a variety of your own chams personalise them to the person you are giving the charm cord to these are quick and fun to make the string is quite strong and secure (we could not pull one apart in our testing!).

SU-193, 10 Goldtone/ Black Mobile Phone Charm Cords

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