These natural leaves and cones are preserved within a real silver, copper or gold layer. Gathered sustainably in the wild, the leaf is then hand painted with a copper based paint which makes it electrically conductive. Silver, more copper, or gold is then electro deposited onto the painted surface; other processes cause the spectacular iridescent colouring shown on some of the copper leaves and cones. 

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1 Copper Acorn Pendant

LF-19, 1 Copper Acorn Pendant

1 Copper Acorn Pendant, acorn collected from an English Oak tree in England. Meaures 30mm high ..


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1 Copper Plated Four Leaf Clover Pendant

LF-7, 1 Copper Plated Four Leaf Clover Pendant

1 Copper Plated (Electroformed) Four Leaf Clover Pendant - get yourself a little luck ..


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1 Copper Twig Pendant

LF-20, 1 Copper Twig Pendant

1 Copper Twig Pendant collected from an English hazel tree in England. Meaures 45mm high x 21 x..


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