• 49 Strand Beadalon Wire 0.018 Bright 10 ft

49 Strand Beadalon Wire 0.018 Bright 10ft. (0.46mm 3m). Size M breaking strength 12kg 26 Lb.

Made in The United States, Beadalon are the manufacturer of premium multi-strand jewellery wire. Beadalon stringing wires are multiple strands of stainless steel wires contained within a clear nylon sheath. The greater number of strands, the more flexibility and less likely to kink.

Known as Beadlon's highest quality wire, Beadalon 49 Strand is the wire with the best flexibilty. It is the preferred wire for professional deisgners who demand premium strength, softness and flexibilty.

Arguably the best stringing thread/wire you can buy. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Worth every penny. Soft and supple, kink resistant, great for crystal, gemstone, glass and metal beads. You can tie or crimp Beadalon 49 Professional - I cannot recommend this product enough, it is the best. With this product, you can work with the supple qualities of thread, and the strength of stainless steel in one thread/wire.

SU-527, 49 Strand Beadalon Wire 0.018 Bright 10 ft

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