1 cm Preciosa Crystal Chaton Banding Alabaster with Aurora Borealis Stones single strand of Preciosa crystal aurora borealis set into plastic cups great for jewellery or tiaras etc lightweight with lots of sparkle. Stones measure approx. 3 mm. Sold by the centimetre in continuous length.

Please see example of a bracelet/bangle made with this banding.  

Having measured the wrist (this one was for a child so it needed to be four and a half inches to fit), I made a base of 1mm silver plated rpund wire, I made a loop at either end - one end a smaller loop then the other, then constructed a simple 'U' shaped hook clasp using the same wire.   I attached the smaller loop of the bangle/bracelet to the clasp (the larger loop at the other end will act as the end loop for the wearer to clip into.  Using .3mm silver plated wire, I then attached the chaton banding to the base wire, cutting it off once I had reached the end.   Having ensured no wires were sticking out from the .3mm wire, I then used a 4mm silk ribbon to wind around the banding and the wire base to cover the .3mm wire, making a bow at the end and securing with a small dab of GSHhypo cement  to ensure the ribbon stays put.   

CB-28, 1 cm Preciosa Crystal Chaton Banding Alabaster with AB Stones 1 Row

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