• 10 Gold Filled 2 inch Headpins

10 Gold Filled 50mm, 2 inch Headpins 0.5mm. 24ga Wire 1.8mm head.

Gold filled is a relatively thick gold layer pressure bonded to a base metal, usually brass. Most Goldfilled items are manufactured in the United States, from where we source our stock. In order to be legally described as Gold Filled in the USA, the gold content must be a 5% or 1/20th by weight and be a minimum of 12Kt, ( or 10% if 10Kt).

All of our Gold filled items are at the highest gold purity of 14Kt, hence the designation 1/20, 14K, which is stamped where noted in the description.

GF-43, 10 Gold Filled 2 inch Headpins

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