1 Strand Jade Delicate Twist Drop Beads; very pretty jade drops almost transparent but green drilled with a hole at the top excellent for charms drops earrings etc etc these measure approx. 16x12x2mm; approx. 48 beads to a strand.

There are two distinct mineral forms of jade; jadeite which is white yellow to pale green or sometimes a combination of the two and can be bright green (imperial jade) or even blue grey, lavender or pink or green with black inclusions and even brown to cognac colouring, or nephrite which is more common, which is usually green. Jadeite is the slightly harder of the two forms Jade is believed to be a soft, gentle stone and to promote a long and prosperous life and is the stone of friendship.

JA-50, 1 Strand Jade Delicate Twist Drop Beads

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