1 Strand Black Obsidian Nugget Beads; the strand measures approx. 15.5 inches/ 39.5cm and the nuggets measure approx. 10x8mm (some smaller some larger).

Obsidian - Volcanic Glass - made from molten magma (lava) coming into contact with water - for instance, the sea or a lake, and then cooling rapidly. Obsidian is relatively soft in the MOH's scale of harness, but even so examples of cutting tools that were used by ancient people have been found in archeological excavations. Obsidian occurs in many colours - the end colour is influenced by the magma coming into contact with various minerals in the ground - for instance, iron and magnesium give Obsidian its green or black colour - small white crystal inclusions in the black glass produce the black and white variety, Snowflake Obsidian; more rarely, the stone is also found in yellow, orange, red, grey and brown.

OB-32, 1 Strand Black Obsidian Nugget Beads

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