1m Metallic Tubular Stretch Ribbon Rose Pink.

Metallic Tubular Ribbon


Metallic Tubular Mesh Ribbon - stretch this into your own shape to embellish, stitch, wire into, thread, and either tie or use ribbon clamps for the end - lots of possibilities here including putting your beads in the middle and tying or threading a bead in-between each one; this is a look that can be used for both jewellery and belts; this ribbon/cord is very soft and easy to use - just remember that by stretching it, you will use more of your metre than as if it were left 'flat'; this is dependent on what sort of look you want - the ribbon, once used can be pulled back into a flat shape and reused - gives lots of possibilities for chokers and bracelets, and once a piece of jewellery is made, the item can be shaped to the wearer (shorter or longer) or the shape simply changed - it does not hold its shape and will need gentle reshaping each time a piece is worn - very pretty and decorative, we really like this ribbon. It is made from extremely thin strands of metal woven into a braided tube. Ribbon measures 6mm wide in it's natural state (as supplied), extends upto 25mm wide. May also be used for window displays.
Continuous lengths are sold off the reel.

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SU-172, 1m Metallic Tubular Stretch Ribbon Rose Pink

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