10 Yellow Turquoise Faceted Briolette Beads; lovely range of colours and patterning - these beads measure approx. 9x7x3.5mm - delicate little briolettes, very pretty.

A blue greenish opaque stone which often has brown stains which are the result of the stains of iron compounds which sit in the seams where the stone is mined and adds to its charm. It was first mined over 6000 years ago, and Native American Indians have used it as a protective stone and used it to bring rain (no need of that here in the UK then). The stone is believed to enhance creative expression, peace of mind, communication, friendship and loyalty. Turquoise is one of the birthstones of December, along with lapis lazuli, and symbolises Prosperity. Turquoise is normally stabilised or reconstitured with resin - this is a common practice since Turquoise in its natural state is very soft, and otherwise it would crumble to pieces. Reconstituted turquoise is the remanufacture of the stone from crushed aggregate with epoxy resin. Sometimes the natural colours are dye enhanced which gives continuity of colour within a strand).

Because Turquoise is so soft, you should avoid exposing it to hot water and household chemicals as this will damage your stone. Please note, regardless of grade and treatments, this is a natural stone and like all other natural stones, will have natural flaws and inclusions/ matrix, no two strands will be alike and each strand will exhibit natural imperfections.

TU-24, 10 Yellow Turquoise Faceted Briolettes

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