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Swarovski Hotfix Crystals - Method and Applications

Swarovski Hotfix crystals are coated on the back with a heat activated adhesive. The glue is activated by heating either with a purpose made applicator or an iron.

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The system is designed to be used on absorbent materials and is specifically for clothing, the heated glue will permanently bond into the cloth fibres, the completed item is even washable at 40°C tumble dry at reduced temperature and dry clean 'F' or 'W' solvents. Suitable surfaces can be tested using a drop of water - it should absorb within 2 seconds. Non absorbent and hard materials may be used but the bond, although substantial, will not be as permanent.

Using The Applicator Wand
Using the applicator wand is simple - it is supplied with a range of tip sizes; select the size appropriate for the crystal. The wand will heat in approx. 2 minutes, pick the crystal up with the applicator (the crystal clicks into the tip) wait a few seconds for the glue to melt then position the crystal.

If your crystal design places the pieces close together, then the tip may interfere with the placement so it may be preferable to position the crystals and heat with one of the flat tips supplied with the wand.

Below is an instructional video on the use of the Kandi wand

Using A Hot Iron (yes, as in an actual iron with an ironing board)
Alternatively an iron may be used on heat setting '**' (150°C) if using a steam iron then the use the dry setting and preferably empty of water. Only the flat area without holes should be used. Only press the iron onto the design, lift then press in another position until all parts have been heated. Do not be tempted to drag the iron across the design - the crystals could move.

Using Mylar Hotfix Transfer Paper
Mylar can be used to create multi-stone (hotfix) patterns which can then be transferred to your fabric (or wherever you want to put your design) - there are two layers to the mylar transfer sheet (adhesive mylar and removable backing sheet) - the hotfix is applied to the mylar as described below to create designs/patterns.

Your iron or the flat tip of the hotfix tool is then used to bond the crystals through the mylar which is peeled off once cooled.

There are two methods.

1. Trim your sheet to overlap the design by approx 2cm.
Lay out the crystals glue side down onto a sketch of the design, then carefully press the Mylar sticky side down onto the tops of the crystals.
The pattern can then be lifted off the sketch to the final position ready for ironing.

2. Lay the Mylar sticky side up over the sketch, then add the crystals upside down into position, as before, once complete lift the entire design into final position.

Potential applications include:
Wedding dresses and veils
Prom and ballroom dresses
Dance/ ice skating costumes
Fashion clothing and T-shirts
Phones/ phone case
Cardmaking, scrapbooking, stationery
Handbags, purses and leather goods
Pet Collars
Christmas decorations

There are a multitude of applications featured on YouTube.com

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