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There are two distinct mineral forms of jade; jadeite which is white/yellow to pale green (this looks good with other pastels, perhaps Rose Quartz) or sometimes a combination of the two and can be bright green (imperial jade) or even blue/grey, lavender or pink or green with black inclusions and even brown to cognac colouring, or nephrite which is more common, which is usually green. Jadeite is the slightly harder of the two forms Jade is believed to be a soft, gentle stone and to promote a long and prosperous life and is the stone of friendship; with the current trend for the colour green, we are seeing a lot more interest in this pretty stone in all its forms, but we really like this stone because it offers so many interesting and varied colours; Olive Jade looks great with Hematite or Onyx, or perhaps the man-made 'stone' - Cherry Quartz, for instance, amongst others.

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Strand Jade 4mm Round Beads
1 Strand Jade 4mm Round Beads; the strand measures approx 39.5 cm / 15 inches.
3.00 per strand


Strand Jade 8mm Round Beads
1 Strand Jade 8mm Round Beads; the strand measures approx 39.5 cm / 15 inches.
5.50 per strand



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Jade Delicate Twist Drop Beads
1 Strand Jade Delicate Twist Drop Beads; very pretty jade drops, almost transparent but green - drilled with a hole at the top, excellent for charms, drops, earrings, etc etc - these measure approx. 16x12x2mm; approx. 48 beads to a strand.
26.00 per strand



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Strand Green Jade 16mm Narrow 'Wave' Shaped Beads
1 Strand Green Jade 16x4mm Narrow 'Wave' Shaped Beads; an shape and fairly uniform pale green colour. Approx. 25 beads to a strand - might look good 'married' up with the larger matching shapes; some of these beads have natural flaws and inclusions.
5.00 per strand



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Strand Jade Nuggets
1 Strand Jade Nugget Beads; these beads measure approx. 10x8mm (some larger, some smaller) and the strand measures approx. 15.5 inches/ 39.5cm.
5.00 per strand
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Strand 6mm Round Mixed Jade Beads
1 Strand 6mm Round Mixed Jade Beads - strand measures approx. 15.5 inches / 39.5 cm.
4.00 per strand


Carved Yellow Jade Rosebud Pendant
1 Carved Yellow Jade Rosebud Pendant; beautiful carved little bud, lots of detail, hole at the top for stringing; natural stone colours vary slightly, the pendant measures approx. 20x15mm.
8.75 each
Reduced to £6.50


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