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Sundries - Storage Boxes, Bead tray, Bead Mat, Needles, Polishing Cloths & Earstoppers

In this section, you will find miscellaneous items that do not readily fall into the other categories. Jewellery tools are here.

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5 small clear storage boxes
Clear storage boxes, ideal for keeping little items such as crimps, headpins, clasps etc in, sold in packs of 5. Approx 4x3x1.5cm.
£2.95 for 5



Tidy Box
Tidy Boxes with 12 compartments, indispensable for storage, great for travelling. Made of Polypropylene, these are tough boxes with proper hinges, 2 snap clasps at the front and roomy inner wells, outer size approx 7.25x5.25x1inch (18x13x3cm).
5 each



Stack Up Boxes
One stack of four storage boxes - perfect for beady stuff storage. Approx 70mm diameter, 30mm high (internal height approx 25mm)
£2.95 per stack



1 Glass Bottle with Cork
Glass Bottle with Cork - wrap wire round the neck of this bottle, fill with something interesting (think Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton....!), stick the cork in the top and you have one fabulous little pendant. Also great for little 'Alice in Wonderland' 'drink me' bottle charms.
£0.95 each


Bead Mat
Soft fabric bead mat measures approx 35x28mm (14x11 inches). Protect your table and prevents beads escaping! (Also good for having a little nap on if the mood should take you,,,)
£1.00 each


Flock Bead Board
Flock Bead Board; measures approx. 9x12 inches, with space for three rows of beading, complete with measurements and with some spaces for beads and components.



Click image for detail view
Colour Wheel
1 Colour Wheel; this will help you out of any creative blocks! A small colour wheel to help with your creative decisions. Detailed instructions in English French and Spanish. Disc measures approx 125mm (5inches) diameter.
£5.25 each


Clear Earring Stoppers/ Retainers
Similar to above but clear plastic.
Approx 144 pieces to a pack.
£3.25 per pack


Beading Needles.
These needles are the very fine flexible/twisted wire type which thread through beads beautifully, especially good for silk and lightweight beads, these needles are wire and do not have points; the eye collapses when drawn through the bead which makes it easier to pass the thread and needle through the bead.

£2.95 for 10



Click image for use
Large Eye Needle
1 Large Eye Needle; this needle is rather like two needles glued together, and instead of a little hole at the back of the needle, this has a large split hole in the middle - so all you do is bend the needle gently and thread your thread or ribbon through - this is useful for things that won't go through a normal sized hole in a needle - for instance ribbon - I have experimented with this needle and some ribbon will go through and other pieces won't - it depends on the hole size in the bead and the size of ribbon and you need to gauge this gently against the materials you are using and try it out rather than forcing it through - I have found I can get relatively thin or non-bulky threads through but speciality threads such as knobbled wools etc just strip before you can get them through the bead which is basically the case with any needle and small holed bead - you would have more success with larger holed beads in this case - this is a helpful tool which is useful for some applications but will need some patience, trial and error to get the stringing medium and needle through the bead together - I went through a couple of these needles trying to force them through and basically, you can't do that - our ribbon on the site won't go through so you do need something thinner - but I have produced some nice necklaces and bracelets with a very delicate effect once I got the hang of using these. 55mm long.
65p each


Jewellery Polishing Cloth
1 Jewellery Polishing Cloth; suitable for gold, silver, brass, copper and platinum.
£1.75 each


Anti Tarnish Tabs
10 Anti Tarnish Tabs, 1 inch (25mm) square tab with 3M Tarni-Shield™. Activated charcoal layer absorbs gasses preventing tarnish. Place a strip close to your polished silver or gold items in an enclosed area such as jewellery case, storage bag or box. Protects upto 6 months. Store unused tabs in the click seal bag as supplied.
£0.95 for 10


Stiff Stuff - Small
Stiff Stuff; this is a beading foundation and craft medium, a bit like Vilene but much more strong and sturdy than that, and ideal for beading cabochons onto or for bead applique. With this you do not need to use a frame , and it retains its shape and strength; you can draw on it, trace through it or apply iron-on transfers.One sheet, measuring 4.25x5.5 inches.


Stiff Stuff - Large
As above but measures 8.5x11inches.


Tube GS-Hypo Cement
Tube GS-Hypo cement with bead tip precision appicator.G-S Hypo Cement was invented in 1930's for use in the watchmaking and jewelry repair industries. It is a combination fine precision tool and a clear drying, medium-strength cement that will not damage surfaces. The cement is ideal for jewelry, beads, plastic, glass, metal, ceramics, painted or sealed woods and other non-porous surfaces. This is a no-waste product that is ideal for many applications. Full use of the precision applicator tip is maintained by inserting the cap wire into the tube when not in use, and by cleaning excess drops from the outside of the applicator with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. This is not an "instant glue." It becomes tacky in 10 - 15 seconds, allows parts to be adjusted, sets in 10 to 15 minutes and fully dries in about an hour. The cement will not bond fingers, and has a slight odor that dissipates quickly. Great for beading, model making, miniatures, fine screw locking, sealing knots, precision waterproof sealing, precision repairs, optical and technical applications, crafts and hobbies. Contains 9ml (1/3 Fluid ounce). Manufacturer's user guide is available as PDF here.


Superglue Bottle
3g screw top bottle of Cryanolate superglue by Euro Tool. We prefer bottles of superglue to tubes because they allow more precise application: Ease the dropper out of the bottle, then dip a clean wire into the glue, a tiny drop can then be applied in a controlled manner. Refit the dropper and screw down the top after use.



Kandi Professional Touch® Hotfix Applicator Wand with UK mains plug

...possibly the most addictive thing since chocolate...

Kandi Professional Touch® hotfix crystal applicator wand. Complete with UK plug and eight tips; sizes SS6, 10, 16, 20, 30, 34, 4mm flat & 9mm flat.

Kandi's Professional Touch® HotFix Applicator has an ergonomic comfort grip handle which was designed by an expert to reduce hand fatigue. The wand has a short exposed barrel, which means you are less likely to come into contact with it whilst working (please don't go testing the heat with your fingers, trust us - it will get very hot); it also has a visible (lit up when on) on/off switch so you know when it is on. The wand does not need a support stand because the handle is balanced so it will not roll or slide.

The Professional Touch® is universal voltage - and ours includes a UK mains plug, though it will work anywhere in the world (110 - 230 V) ; it takes the wand around 2 minutes to come up to initial working temperature.

The tips can pick up and hold the crystal while you bring it to the correct temperature - apply by holding against your surface for approx. 5-7 seconds.

This is fun and addictive and will soon have you applying crystal to just about everything in your world.

Sold Out


Kandi Applicator 12SS Tip
Additional 12SS tip for all Kandi Corp hotfix applicator wands. The standard kit does not include a SS12 tip.


Mylar Transfer Paper
Mylar Transfer Paper
1 Sheet Mylar Hotfix Transfer Paper, approx 20 x 30cm (approx. A4 size sheet).

Mylar paper is a heat resistant, transparent self adhesive film, supplied on a peel off backing sheet, made to hold hotfix in place to allow a design to be positioned.

It is temporarily stuck into place then heated through using the hotfix tool or an iron.
The paper is peeled off once cooled.

Trim your sheet to overlap the design by approx 2cm. See our Hotfix applications hints here for more information.


Jewel Setter
Pack of two Jewel setters for flat backs and hotfix. Touch the beeswax end to the crystal to pick up and position, the other pointed end is used for fine adjustment.


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