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Pendants Cont'd

Many of the pendants are one-of-a-kind; simply check the box then Add to Cart

Sterling Silver Photo Pendant
1 Sterling Silver Photo Pendant; just slide your photo in from the back, there is a Perspex 'glass' for the front behind the insert - very pretty decoration to the frame, the pendant measures approx. 26x20x3.5mm inclusive of the hanging ring.
Marked '925'
8.75 each


Dolphins Rock Crystal and Sterling Silver Intarsia Pendant
1 Dolphins Rock Crystal and Sterling Silver Intarsia Pendant - design carved into the reverse of the pendant; with a beautiful sterling silver setting - measures approx. 43 x 33 x 5 mm inclusive of the hanging bail.


Sterling Silver Stamp Pendant
1 Stamp in a Silver Frame Pendant; a nice focal piece featuring an unfranked stamp from Portugal/Madeira featuring a plant - date unknown, this sterling silver focal pendant has a glass covering over the stamp and the pendant measures approx. 45x28x4mm including the hanging bail.
The reverse is marked '925'.


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